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RAAM 4.0

RAAM 4.0 is an innovative system for Remote Access, Analysis & Monitoring of industrial processes for wide range of users. Hardware and software used for RAAM 4.0 is modern and up to date as well as the concept itself. RAAM 4.0 is part of the 4th Industrial revolution – Industrie 4.0.

RAAM 4.0 enables to get, gather, display and analyze data from PLCS remotely over internet or intranet via computer, tablet or cellphone. It also enables to create secure VPN connection to PLCs to remotely check or tune programs of programmable logic controllers and HMIs.

How does RAAM 4.0 works

The core of RAAM 4.0 is composed from RAAMbox (tiny industrial computer) and RAAMsite (website). Connect RAAMbox to the industrial network (PLC) and local network (internet / intranet), configure communication parameters and you are free to use any features of RAAM 4.0.

RAAMbox communicates with PLCs directly (without any third party software such as OPC server) therefore the communication is fast and stable. Data from PLCs are transfered through RAAMbox to be displayed in RAAMsite. Simple & Secure.

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Typical customers of RAAM 4.0

There are many types of typical customers of RAAM 4.0 system but all of them need to get information directly from process data without any unreliable third party such as notes on the paper or what someone said.

Typical customers:

  • Managers of production plants
  • Technologists and researchers
  • Control system & electric maintenance
  • Control system developers
  • Special machines manufacturers
  • and many more

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How much does RAAM 4.0 cost

Pricing of RAAM 4.0 is simple. You buy hardware and software in full version (there are no restrictions in number of tags or available memory) and you may use it anyway you desire.

We provide customer service such as configuration of RAAMbox, communication setting, RAAMsite customization etc. However we try to encourage our customers to do these tasks by themselves. Together with our products we deliver detail HELP manual. In case our customers cannot resolve particular issues or basically need some help there is RAAMcare.

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RAAMbox is a tiny industrial computer which enables secured remote connection to a PLC or computer network. RAAMbox may also play role of server for storing historical data in compact applications.

RAAMsite is a website for using an displaying data, graphs, analysis and all other features of RAAM 4.0 system. RAAMsite is available on computers, tablets, cell phones in any web browser.

RAAM 4.0 system is delivered as package to be configured by the user. However in cases users are not able to configure it or use it properly without our help RAAMcare supports them. Custom modifications of the RAAM 4.0 system is also available through RAAMcare.


The necessity of developing RAAM 4.0 system emerged few years back in 2010 when team of application engineers of AIRS company could not find a proper and comfortable tool for their work. Not many similar tools were available and the ones on the market did not meet the very basic requirements or their price was over the limit. At that time development of RAAM 4.0 system started. With up to date software approach and modern hardware RAAM 4.0 system was developed as a progress tool which fits in the evolving idea of IoT and Industrie 4.0.