RAAM system comes in two configurations:

  • Compact version of RAAM system is suitable for smaller to mid-sized applications
  • Cloud version is a powerful tool with almost no limitations on plant size or user requirements.


RAAM 4.0 Compact version (RAAMbox as a server) applications:

Typical application:

  • Number of online users is less than 10 (at once)
  • Size of historical data is less than 5 GB

There are no limitations in usability of the Compact version of RAAM 4.0, the only limit is the amount of data stored and number users that are using features of RAAMsite. Having hardware (RAAMbox) on site directly connected to PLC has an advantage of possibility to log large amounts of data as often as it is necessary (up to 1 second).

The advantage of the Compact version is also the fact that can be used even on sites where there is no internet connection and no other devices are necessary – RAAMbox will do all the work by itself and it is a plug & play product.


RAAM 4.0 Cloud version

  • Larger applications
  • Gigabytes of data stored

Many users connecting to use  RAAMsite features.

Cloud version works as a combination of Compact version and standard cloud application. Data are stored in cloud database but in case of loosing internet/intranet connection data are stored directly in RAAMbox. When internet/intranet connection is reestablished all data stored in RAAMbox are transferred to the cloud database.

Compact version