Plant managers

RAAM4.0 system transforms process data into information without any human bias.

  • RAAM never forgets to send you a report every morning at 7:00.
  • Information you receive from RAAM is information you want.
  • Get all information – RAAM does not cover or hide any unpleasant facts or situations.
  • RAAM is here for you 24/7.

Special purpose machines manufacturers

RAAM4.0 enables to access control systems and data of your products from anywhere.

  • Get remote access to machines you are delivering all over the world via internet (LAN/GSM).
  • Log process data and analyze them to tune control systems of your machines.
  • Synoptic administration of RAAMboxes in all machines including access rights of users.
  • Automatic notification in case of a breakdown or any kind of event or alarm.

Technologists and researchers

RAAM4.0 efficiently monitor and analyze production processes.

  • Quickly trend processed data using graphs with multiple features.
  • Analyze data online.
  • Compare historical, pre-set, optimal, and real-time data.

Connect historical data directly with MS Excel to do even more in-depth analysis.


Control system developers & programmers

Monitor and fix control system programs from anywhere using RAAM4.0.

  • Remotely tune logged data processes.
  • Get notifications via your cell phone or email in case of any predefined event.
  • Update and modify remotely over the internet/intranet the control system.

Control system & electrical maintenance

Check online via RAAM4.0 the status of all the machines in your plant.

  • RAAM gives you online information what machines are faulty, which alarms are on etc.
  • Get notifications via SMS, email of cell phone application in case of a breakdown or alarm.
  • Store documentation for all your production lines, devices and components on a single place via RAAM.