RAAMbox is an industrial computer (CPU with 4 cores, 8GB RAM) equipped with:

  • 16 GB flash memory
  • WIFI
  • GSM Module (LTE)
  • 3x Ethernet
  • 1x RS485/232


RAAMsite is a web page for displaying real time data gathered by RAAMbox, performing analysis and all other features. RAAMsite is also used for administration:

  • RAAMboxes administration (multiple RAAMboxes may be connected to RAAMsite).
  • User and roles administration.
  • Reporting system settings.
  • Actions and notifications administration.


In order to use RAAM 4.0 system at 100% there is RAAMcare. RAAMcare is a service for users to help them with issues regarding the RAAM 4.0 system:

  • Setting for RAAMboxes and connected PLC.
  • Tag import and virtual tag settings.
  • Alarms, events, actions and notifications settings
  • etc.

Via RAAMcare is also possible to fully customize the RAAM 4.0 system for your particular application. Contact us for more information.